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Sponge iron process india

  • Sponge Iron - HIRA - Godawari Power & Ispat Limited

    With such dimension of notion WE in our Sponge Iron Manufacturing process through 4 Kilns (1 * 350T and 3 * 500T) laid up the best DRI making process of India. It is Coal Fuel based DRI. Coal based Sponge-iron is a metallic product produced through direct reduction of iron ore in the solid state .As such it is also known as Direct Reduced Iron

  • Direct Reduced Iron Industry in India Problems and

    `the quality requirements for the rotary kiln sponge iron process. The sponge iron fines generation is high and ranges from 15 30% depending upon the ore used due to high reduction degradation. This will not only reduce the sales realization of the product but also will lead to accretion formation in the kiln shortening the campaign life.


    The major Raw Materials required for production of Sponge Iron by the rotary kiln process are: sized graded Iron Ore and Non-Coking coal. Limestone, in small quantities, is also required to scavenge the sulphur. IRON ORE The quality requirement of Sized ore for sponge iron

  • Sponge Iron Plant - Entrepreneur India

    Sponge iron is used to make steel by all Indian steel producers and is a substitute for steel melting scrap. Healthy demand growth in steel sector is also pushing sponge iron demand. Apart from declining availability of steel melting scrap, sponge iron demand has

  • IS 15774 (2007): Sponge Iron/Directed Reduced Iron (DRI

    Whereas the Parliament of India has set out to provide a practical regime of right to IS 15774 (2007): Sponge Iron/Directed Reduced Iron (DRI) Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) and Cold Briquetted Iron (CBI) (DR) is a metallurgical process of producing iron from iron oxides (mainly in the form of lump ore or pellets) directly in the solid phase

  • Sponge Iron Manufacturer India

    Indian Sponge Iron Industry which was started as late as in 1980s has come a long way. Today India is the largest sponge iron producer (30 MT in FY 2018) in the world for last 16 consecutive years and contributes about 30% of the world production.

  • Coal Base DRI Operation: Process Description and flow

    Aug 07, 2016· Sponge iron produced by the process will be the high grade which contains 80% Fe, 12% FeO and 8% gangue material. After separation of sponge iron in the magnetic screen/pulley, the remains are collected as char. Char has good amount of fixed carbon (25% - 30%) and moderate GCV (2500 - 2600 Kcal/Kg).


    1. Krupp Sponge Iron Process The Krupp. Sponge iron process uses a rotary kiln for the reduction of high grade lump ores or pellets (Fig. 1). The feed is introduced together with reducing and de-sulphurizing agents (lime-stone or raw dolomite) into an inclined rotary kiln, heated counter current to the flow of hot gas and reduced to form sponge

  • Sponge Iron (DRI) The Hira Group

    With such dimension of notion WE in our Sponge Iron Manufacturing process through 4 Kilns (1 * 350T and 3 * 500T) laid up the best DRI making process in India. It is Coal Fuel based DRI.

  • sponge iron process

    Jul 29, 2010· In general sized iron ore of 5-18mm is used in the process of manufacture of sponge iron on all types of rotary kiln with +16mm not exceeding 15-20%.The mean particle size of iron ore shall be restricted to 11mm in order to achieve uniform Fe metallic of all grain size fraction of the product.

  • Commodities - SteelMint

    India: Sponge iron offers drop sharply in eastern India as furnaces' curtail production. 24 Sep, 15:42 IST. Show more like this Show less like this. Sponge Iron. India - Falling margins of induction furnaces weigh on sponge iron & pig iron prices. 10 Sep, 19:44 IST.

  • sponge iron process

    May 04, 2014· sponge iron making through coal based (non-coking coal) is developed by siil, andhra pradesh through undp/unido aid and m/s.lurgi chemie technique , west germay. all the sponge iron plants of capacities of 50tpd, 100 tpd, 350 tpd and 500 tpd are developed on this technology only.

  • (PDF) i) Direct Reduced Iron: Production

    Mar 30, 2016· This product is known as direct reduced iron (DRI) or sponge iron. Processes that produce iron by reduction of iron ore (in solid state) below the melting point are generally classified as

  • Sponge Iron Production By Direct Reduction Of Iron Oxide

    This book provides a fascinating study of the very important emerging field of direct reduction in which iron ore is directly reduced in the solid-state, using either natural gas or non-coking coal, to produce a highly metallised material, referred to as sponge iron (or direct reduced iron). This intermediate product is subsequently melted in electric arc furnaces or induction furnaces

  • Atibir Industries Co. Limited, Giridih - Manufacturer of

    Manufacturer of Direct Reduction Process Plant For Sponge Iron, Steel Rolling Processing & TMT Bar Machine offered by Atibir Industries Co. Limited from Giridih, Jharkhand, India

  • Sponge iron industry needs quick actions for survival

    Oct 24, 2013· For the last few years sponge iron production in India is continuously declining. It is a matter of great satisfaction that India is the largest sponge iron producer in the world for the last 10 consecutive years. India contributes about 30% of global sponge iron production.

  • Sree Rengaraaj Steels

    We procure Iron Ore from Bellary (DT) Karnataka, Coal from South African and Dolomite form Dindugal (T.N). We supply Our Sponge Iron Products to various Induction Furnace, Foundry Division and also for Blast Furnace. Sponge Iron Rotary Kiln Process. In this process, a Refractory lined Rotary Kiln is used for reduction of iron ore in solid state.

  • Sponge Iron Thermotech India

    Process & Other Industries. Sponge Iron. Title: Description: Sponge iron : 350 tonnes per Day plant By Lurgi; DSC refractory work; previous Coke Oven. next Blast Plot No B2 Madhura Nagar, SR Nagar, Hyderabad,500038, Telangana, India. OUR FOOTPRINTS. OUR NETWORK (+91) 9246282627/4023813854 (+91) 4023811673 .thermotechindia

  • Sponge iron making process - SlideShare

    Nov 09, 2014· Sponge iron making process 1. ALBERTUS SEPTYANTOKO 2712100014 2. IRON ORE Iron = 65-67 % SiO2 + Al2O3 = 2-3 % CaO + MgO = 0,5-1 % Sulphur = 0,02 % max Phosphorus = 0,04 % max Chemical Composition Size = 5-18 mm Shatter Index = +95 % Tumbler index = +88 % Reducibility Index = +94 % Thermal Degradation Index = 5 % Physical Composition


    In this backdrop TRFI took the first step to set up a coal based sponge iron plant in India. The process technology developed by Allis Chalmers Corporation, USA based on pilot plant studies known as ACCAR process was used initially. This process used 80% coal and 20% oil, which subsequently became uneconomical due to increase in crude prices.


    Sponge iron is a metallic product produced through direct reduction of iron ore in the solid state. It is a substitute for scrap and is mainly used in making steel through the secondary route. The process of sponge iron making aims to remove the oxygen from iron ore.

  • Sponge Iron - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    DRI, also known as sponge iron, is the product of reducing iron oxide in the form of iron ore and steel plant wastes into metallic iron, below the melting point of iron and typically in the range of 8001200 °C. Iron oxide is charged into shaft furnace, rotary kiln, or fluidized beds in the form of pellet, iron ore lumps, or fines.

  • India - production share of sponge iron by process route

    Oct 16, 2020· Around 86 percent of the sponge iron produced in India in fiscal year 2020 was under coal based process route. This was due to numerous coal based units present in the mineral rich states.


    Sponge Iron is a recognized alternative to steel scrap as a raw material for the manufacture of various steel products. The twin issues of rapid depletion of Coking Coal reserves and the scarcity of indigenous scrap, made the Government of India support production of sponge iron in the country.Sponge iron is a metallic product produced

  • Energy Audit Methodology of Sponge Iron Manufacturing

    Jul 14, 2014· 2. Description of Sponge Iron Manufacturing Process Most of the plants in India use DRI processa solid state direct reduction process by which iron ore is reduced to sponge without phase change (Figure 1). Raw material mix-iron ore, dolomite and coal are fed to one end of rotary Kiln and product sponge iron along with char is taken out from

  • SPONGE IRON Rashmi Group

    Rashmi Metaliks is the largest manufacturer of Sponge Iron in Jhargram with a capacity of 1.5 lakh TPA. We produce high-quality Sponge Iron that meets the industry standards. The production process followed at Rashmi Metaliks makes the Sponge Iron unique and superior than its competitors.

  • Integrated Steel Plant TMT Bar Manufacturing Plants

    Best TMT Bar Manufacturing Plants India In the Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) plant, production of sponge iron using a solid reductant involves reducing iron ore (lumps/pellets) with a carbonaceous material such as coal. Best TMT Bar Manufacturing Plants India This whole process

  • Sponge Iron Prakash Industries Limited

    Sponge iron is a highly processed form of iron ore which contains metallic iron in the range of 83-88% obtained by direct reduction without melting it. Due to high porosity, the resulting iron is called sponge iron. It is used as a raw material for manufacturing steel

  • Top Sponge Iron Manufacturer In Kolkata, India

    Overview. India is worlds largest producer of sponge iron produced through direct reduction of iron-ore / iron pellet in the solid state. Since the higher grade domestic lumpy ore will be exhausted in the next 10 years and value additions to the Iron Ore Fines by various processes such as Pelletisation is the need of present scenario which will be economically beneficial in the long run.


    India is emerging as the leading producer of sponge iron among developing as well industrially developed nations. Sponge iron is produced by direct reduction of iron ore (DRI process) and is popular because of use of non-coking coal. The conventional blast furnace process uses coking coal.

  • Agni Steels Sponge Iron Manufacturing Process - YouTube

    Nov 02, 2017· Right from the selection of high grade iron ore and coal, we use only the finest raw material for production. Sponge Iron (DRI) is the main constituent in pr

  • 4th Indian Iron-Ore, Pellet and DRI Summit 2020

    Mr Deshpande was the former Chairman of The Sponge Iron Manufactures Association (SIMA) from 2015-2019, and the former Managing Director of Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. An Executive Director in Tata Metaliks Ltd. Kolkata and before that a Chief (coke, Sinter and Iron) at Tata Steel, during the expansion phase from 6.8 MTPA to 10 MTPA.

  • Iron and Steel Company in India, Indian Steel Industry

    Sponge iron is basically deoxidized iron in the form of lumps, pellets and fines. Sponge iron and steel scrap are charged in appropriate ratio into the induction furnaces in batches. After the complete melting of charge, the hot liquid metal samples are taken to analyze the chemical composition i.e. carbon, sulphur, phosphorus, silicon

  • New Technology (Tunnel Kiln) to make Sponge Iron / DRI in

    CASE Group has set up India's first DRI / Sponge Iron unit using Tunnel Kiln. The Kiln which is 194m in length, is the longest in India was successfully fir

  • Steel Production Process JCL

    Our company is one of the biggest process houses in India. The process house has the state-of-art machinery for processing quality fabric. MORE. Steel Division. The production process for the sponge iron is as given below: explore


    In India, the production of steel from sponge iron is specific and immediately necessary be- cause of the following reasons:. a) The coking coal deposits in India are ex- ceedingly limited and located in a small geogra- phic region.

  • Sponge Iron Plant - sponge iron plants Suppliers, Sponge

    Find details of companies Supplying Sponge Iron Plant, Manufacturing & wholesaling sponge iron plants in India. Get Sponge Iron Plant at best price from Sponge Iron Plant Retailers, sellers, traders, exporters & wholesalers listed at ExportersIndia.

  • SPONGE IRON UNIT - Steel Exchange India Ltd.

    Steel Exchange India Limited is having a Sponge Iron manufacturing unit in technical collaboration with world renowned M/s Mannesmann Demag of Germany (CODIR Process). With an installed capacity of 2x350TPD and can able to produce Sponge Iron of 0.225 Million Tons per Annum 1.

  • Coronavirus Impact India's Sponge Iron Industry, The

    Apr 09, 2020· India's sponge iron industry, the largest in the world, is going through an acute shortage of labour that threatens to bring it to a halt. Vaccine development is a long, complex process

  • Sponge Iron Price in India

    India: Sponge iron offers drop sharply in eastern India as furnaces\' curtail production. Sponge Iron. 24 Sep 15:43 IST. India - Falling margins of induction furnaces weigh on sponge iron & pig iron prices. Sponge Iron. Sagar. 10 Sep 19:44 IST. Sponge iron prices in central India less likely to rise further.

  • Agni Steels Sponge Iron Manufacturing Process - YouTube

    Right from the selection of high grade iron ore and coal, we use only the finest raw material for production. Sponge Iron (DRI) is the main constituent in pr

  • magnetic ore iron reduction process in tunnel kiln india

    SPONGE IRON PRODUCTION FROM ORE COAL COMPOSITE . In the year 1908 use of tunnel kiln started for iron oxide reduction This process was invented by ESieurin as Hoganas process [3] In 1954, more kilns came in operation in SWEDEN and USA Presently it is more popular in China for sponge iron production from beneficiated iron ore fines cakes In this process, the material passes through

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