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Screening enrichment throughput

  • 5 Top Tips for the Perfect High-Throughput Screening Lab

    Oct 29, 2014· In the past 15 years, changes in the cost and reliability of technology have caused an explosion of tools and applications that increased the capability and capacity of any researcher, lab or company to speed up discovery. Automation and high throughput screening (HTS) are two examples of these advances that have become a normal presence in the majority of the worlds labs today.

  • New High-Throughput Screening Identifies Compounds That

    Some oncogenes encode transcription factors, but few drugs have been successfully developed to block their activity specifically in cancer cells. The transcription factor SALL4 is aberrantly expressed in solid tumor and leukemia cells. We developed a screen to identify compounds that reduce the viability of liver cancer cells that express high levels of SALL4, and we investigated their mechanisms.

  • A high throughput microfluidic platform for size-selective

    Jun 21, 2017· We exploit the high throughput (>1 mL min 1), size-based sorting capability of the passive spiral inertial microfluidic (iMF) device to focus particles/cells towards an active lateral cavity acoustic transducer (LCAT) device for size-selective enrichment. We demonstrate that this platform is capable of efficiently (>90%) removing smaller

  • High-throughput screening and chemotype-enrichment

    May 01, 2019· In support of the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP), the U.S.EPA's Office of Research and Development (ORD) is developing high-throughput screening (HTS) approaches to identify chemicals that alter target sites in the thyroid hormone (TH) pathway.

  • IJMS Free Full-Text High-Throughput Screening in

    Several screening and selection strategies based on natures own compartments have been developed, e.g., mammalian cell display, yeast surface display and cell-based screening; these have been combined with FACS to achieve a higher throughput of screening [6,7]. Evolution of the protein of interest must lead to a fluorescent signal for sorting.

  • Cell-based Bioluminescent High-Throughput Screening

    throughput screen of a compound library. Based on the HTS hit structures, a ligand-based in silico screening of a virtual chemical library was employed for hit enrichment. The most active hits and the in silico selected compounds were further investigated in more detail. Natural products have been an important source in drug discovery,

  • Prospects and challenges of implementing DNA metabarcoding

    Similar to identification of insects, detection of host-associated pathogens has previously required screening of trapped samples on a specimen-by-specimen basis using target-specific assays or culturing and morphological analysis ; however, this is rapidly being augmented with metabarcoding and metagenomic approaches [33, 103, 137, 138].

  • High-throughput injection with microfluidics using

    Nov 09, 2010· electrocoalescence; high-throughput biology; in vitro compartmentalization; In droplet-based microfluidics, drops are used as test tubes for reactions (1, 2); the drops can be formed (3, 4), filled with reagents (), and sorted at kilohertz rates.The advantage of droplet-based microfluidics is the separation between reagent containment and fluidic control; the reagent is contained within

  • High Throughput Screening in Agrochemical Research

    Title: High Throughput Screening in Agrochemical Research VOLUME: 8 ISSUE: 7 Author(s):Klaus Tietjen, Mark Drewes and Klaus Stenzel Affiliation:Bayer CropScience AG, Research, Biology Fungicides, Building 6240, 40789 Monheim, Germany. Keywords:agrochemical high throughput screeening, fungicide, herbicide, insecticide Abstract: The demand for new herbicides, insecticides

  • Aptamers as Reagents for High-Throughput Screening

    Sep 05, 2018· Given the large size of many conventional and combinatorial libraries and the rapid increase in the number of possible therapeutic targets, the speed with which efficient high-throughput screening (HTS) assays can be developed can be a rate-limiting step in the discovery process.

  • High-Throughput Screening - Products, news, whitepaper

    High-throughput screening of 1536 samples in just 27 seconds: The fastest microplate reader on the market . The PHERAstar® FSX multifunction microplate reader for all plate formats up to 3456 wells sets new standards in high-throughput screening. It is amazingly fast and regarded as the most sensitive microplate reader on the market.

  • (PDF) High throughput screening in drug discovery

    High-throughput screening (HTS) systems based on cell and tissue culture are among the most promising methods for both drug discovery and identifying biologically active small molecules or genes

  • mining crushing and screening technologies

    Advances in screening technology in the mining sector 08.07.2019 Screening is mainly used in the mining sector in primary and secondary crushing systems (Fig. 3), coarse screening (scalping) in the pre-heap leaching process, fine screening and fine-grain elutriation in various process stages, enrichment of valuable materials, e.g. of the iron content in iron ore, grinding and screening

  • High-throughput insertional mutagenesis reveals novel

    (C) Screening pipeline for enrichment and isolation of high lipid mutant (HLM) cells. The initial mutant library was harvested during exponential growth phase, stained with neutral lipid dye BODIPY, and 300,000 cells were sorted into a new flask by gating for high BODIPY fluorescence ( Fig. S1 ).

  • High-Throughput and Rapid Screening of Low-Mass Hazardous

    Rapid screening and identification of hazardous chemicals in complex samples is of extreme importance for public safety and environmental health studies. In this work, we report a new method for high-throughput, sensitive, and rapid screening of low-mass hazardous compounds in complex media without complicated sample preparation procedures. This method is achieved based on size-selective

  • Activity Based High-Throughput Screening for Novel O

    Mar 09, 2016· O-GlcNAcylation is a reversible and dynamic protein post-translational modification in mammalian cells. The O-GlcNAc cycle is catalyzed by O-GlcNAc transferase (OGT) and O-GlcNAcase (OGA). O-GlcNAcylation plays important role in many vital cellular events including transcription, cell cycle regulation, stress response and protein degradation, and altered O-GlcNAcylation has long been

  • Novel Statistical Approach for Primary High-Throughput

    Oct 14, 2005· Analysis of high-throughput screening assays using cluster enrichment. Statistics in Medicine 2012, 31 (30) , 4175-4189. DOI: 10.1002/sim.5455. Rajarshi Guha, Dac-Trung Nguyen, Noel Southall, Ajit Jadhav. Dealing with the Data Deluge: Handling the

  • High-throughput screening for industrial enzyme production

    The platform has a throughput over 300 times higher than that of the current industry standard, an automated microtiter plate screening system. At the same time, reagent consumption for a screening experiment is decreased a million fold, greatly reducing the costs of evolutionary engineering of production strains. U2 - 10.1039/c3lc51202a

  • How to how to use CRISPR Libraries for Screening-GenScript

    Using CRISPR Libraries for Screening. Pooled CRISPR guide RNA libraries, or gRNA libraries, are ideal for high-throughput screening of important molecular targets. These libraries leverage the efficiency and specificity of the CRISPR gene editing technology to either knock-out gene expression or transcriptionally activate genes in the genome.

  • High-throughput shape similarity screening: Screen3D

    targets. Enrichment factors were calculated to compare Screen3D to several competitors as seen in the Figure 7. Screen3D was demonstrated to be a high-throughput method that provided similar performance in terms of EFs(1%) to competitors.Screen3D is best used in the following areas Study by Oleg Ursu, University of New Mexico

  • High throughput expression profiling and in situ screening

    Aug 31, 2017· However, the function of the majority of circRNAs remains unknown. Studies of circRNAs have been hampered by a lack of essential approaches for detection, quantification and visualization. We therefore developed a target-enrichment sequencing method suitable for high-throughput screening of circRNAs and their linear counterparts.

  • High-throughput Chemical Screening Identifies Focal

    Purpose: Ewing sarcoma is an aggressive solid tumor malignancy of childhood. Although current treatment regimens cure approximately 70% of patients with localized disease, they are ineffective for most patients with metastases or relapse. New treatment combinations are necessary for these patients. Experimental Design: Ewing sarcoma cells are dependent on focal adhesion kinase (FAK) for growth.

  • Micromachines Free Full-Text Ultrahigh-Throughput

    Screening microbe or gene libraries is an efficient way of identifying new enzymes. In this view, droplet-based microfluidics appears to be one of the most powerful approaches as it allows inexpensive screenings in well-controlled conditions and an ultrahigh-throughput regime.

  • High-throughput screening using GST MultiTrap 4B 96-well

    These filter plates simplify the purification screening and enrichment of up to 0.5 mg of GST-tagged proteins/well. After thorough cell disruption, it is possible to apply up to 600 µl of unclarified lysate directly to the wells in the 96-well filter plate without precentrifugation and/or filtration of the sample.

  • MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry-Based High-Throughput

    Oct 04, 2019· Comprehensive and unbiased detection methods are a prerequisite for high-throughput screening (HTS) campaigns within drug discovery research. Label-free matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) has been introduced as an HTS-compatible readout for biochemical test systems to support the drug discovery process.


    throughput, lower cost sequencing platforms and configurations. Superior coverage uniformity NEBNext Direct produces highly consistent, highly specific enrichment across samples, with >90% of sequencing reads mapping to the targeted regions. High specificity is achieved through the unique combination of capture-based enrichment conditions optimized

  • Automated Panning and Screening Procedure on Microplates

    increase the throughput and efficiency of the phage enrichment step.8 This approach has been used successfully in high-throughput screening (hTS) of phage display libraries.8-10 One approach to enable panning against several antigens in parallel has been referred to as the multipin method, using a 96 array of antigen-

  • High-throughput screening for industrial enzyme production

    A high-throughput method for single cell screening by microfluidic droplet sorting is applied to a whole-genome mutated yeast cell library yielding improved production hosts of secreted industrial enzymes. The sorting method is validated by enriching a yeast strain 14 times based on its α-amylase production,

  • DNA-encoded chemical library - Wikipedia

    DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DEL) is a technology for the synthesis and screening on unprecedented scale of collections of small molecule compounds. DEL is used in medicinal chemistry to bridge the fields of combinatorial chemistry and molecular biology.The aim of DEL technology is to accelerate the drug discovery process and in particular early phase discovery activities such as target

  • Metagenomics: Retrospect and Prospects in High Throughput

    Nov 17, 2015· These high throughput screening methods employ the resolving power of FACS (fluorescence-activated cell sorting) or fluorescence microscopy. The fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) is having wide application for high throughput screening of metagenomic clones, as it can be used to identify the biological activity within a single cell [ 42 ].

  • Raman-Activated Droplet Sorting (RADS) for Label-Free High

    Those AXT-hyperproducing cells were sorted with an accuracy of 98.3%, an enrichment ratio of eight folds, and a throughput of 260 cells/min. Of the RADS-sorted cells, 92.7% remained alive and able to proliferate, which is equivalent to the unsorted cells.

  • An Automated High-Throughput Counting Method for Screening

    Feb 06, 2013· Enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) has proved valuable for early detection and prognosis in cancer treatment. This paper describes an automated high-throughput counting method for CTCs based on microfluidics and line-confocal microscopy. Peripheral blood was directly labeled with multiple antibodies, each conjugated with a different fluorophore, pneumatically pumped through a

  • Potent Neutralizing Antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

    High-Throughput Sequencing of Single B Cells from Convalescent Patients Unliketraditionalmethodologies,large-scaledataobtainedfrom high-throughput scVDJ sequencing (scVDJ-seq) enabled us to examine B cell clonotype enrichment prior to in vitro antibody expression (Goldstein et al., 2019; Croote et al., 2018). B cells

  • High Throughput Screening and Selection Methods for

    HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING METHODS Evaluation of individual protein variants is normally required in screening. It greatly reduces the chance of missing a desired mutant. However, the throughput is also reduced. By taking advantage of automation, high throughput screening methods can streamline traditional screening processes.

  • Multiplex enrichment quantitative PCR (ME-qPCR): a high

    Feb 02, 2017· The detection throughput cannot meet the demands of high-throughput detection, such as SNP or gene expression analysis. Therefore, in our study, we have developed a new high-throughput PCR-based detection method, multiplex enrichment quantitative PCR (ME-qPCR), which is a combination of qPCR and nested PCR.

  • High Throughput Screening for Food Safety Assessment

    Recent advances in array-based detectors and imaging technologies have provided high throughput systems that can operate within a substantially reduced timeframe

  • The right tools for the job: the central role for next

    Jan 24, 2021· Phenotypic screening often suffers from reduced throughput of samples when compared to TBDD, but progress in molecular and cellular biology are providing new opportunities to close the gap. Selection of the most appropriate cell system to perform screens in PDD is generally a balance between logistical considerations and disease relevance.

  • Novel Approach for High-Throughput Metabolic Screening of

    May 01, 2016· Figure 2. Impact of salt stress on carbon and nitrogen assimilation and translocation of hydroponically grown rice seedlings. The data reflect 13 C (A) and 15 N (B) enrichment in the shoot and 13 C (C) and 15 N (D) enrichment in the root. The data shown are means ± sd (n = 3) for stressed seedlings (100 m m NaCl for 6 d; white bars) and untreated controls (gray bars).

  • Data Analysis Approaches in High Throughput Screening

    aspects of high throughput screening data interpretation. 2. Role of statistics in HT screening design 2.1. HT screening process A typical HT screening campaign can be divided into five major steps regardless of the as say type and the assay read-out (Fig. 1).

  • Virtual screening to enrich hit lists from highthroughput

    Nov 18, 2002· Virtual screening to enrich hit lists from highthroughput screening: A case study on smallmolecule inhibitors of angiogenin Jeremy L. Jenkins Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences and Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • TruSight Oncology High Throughput Contents & Storage

    Enrichment Elution 2-25°C to -15°C: 3: EEW2: Enhanced Enrichment Wash-25°C to -15°C: 18: EHB: Enrichment Hybridization Buffer-25°C to -15°C: 6: EPM: Enhanced PCR Mix-25°C to -15°C: 3: LNA1: Library Normalization Additives 1-25°C to -15°C: 6: PPC3: PCR Primer Cocktail 3-25°C to -15°C

  • Multiplex PCR Primer Design and High Throughput SNP

    The multiplex PCR assays are used for gene expression analysis (end point detection using gel electrophoresis), for high throughput SNP applications such as genotyping, for target enrichment required in Next Generation Sequencing, pathogen detection, strain typing, and haplotyping.

  • High throughput automated chromatin immunoprecipitation as

    Jun 21, 2012· To address the specifications of high-throughput screening ChIP applications better, The Santa Cruz antibody was intermediate, with a much lower E-box enrichment than Epitomics, but also a much lower upstream non-specific enrichment, thus it has the highest signal to background ratio. Depending on the purpose of the ChIP assay that will be

  • Toward a benchmarking data set able to evaluate ligand

    Feb 23, 2015· Over the years, such data sets have been constructed to overcome the problems of analogue bias and artificial enrichment. With the rapid growth of public domain databases containing high-throughput screening data, such as the PubChem BioAssay database, there is an increased possibility to use such data for validation.

  • Feasibility of low-throughput next generation sequencing

    Dec 01, 2014· As expected, costs decreased with increased sample throughput due to the cost efficiency of running multiple samples. A lack of proportionality for MiSeq analysis was observed, due to the use of TruSight Enrichment kits with 1, 2, 4, and 24 indices. Formats with lower sequencing outputs were the cheapest.

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