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Wmm laying procedure

  • Works 4 Space: Construction Methodology of Wet Mix Macadam

    Sep 15, 2019· Procedure. a) Work shall commence on site upon approval and acceptance of the sub base layer (GSB). b) Check whether GSB lays compaction is in fact if there is a considerable time delay (say 10 days) in laying of WMM. c) Shoulder shall be laid & compacted for confinement of WMM layer to be laid. d) The

  • Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) technical specifications as per

    Feb 27, 2019· If wet mix macadam (WMM)/ Water Bound Macadam (WBM) is to be laid directly over the sub- grade, without any other intervening pavements course, a 25 mm course of screening (Grading B)or coarse sand shall be spread on the prepared sub-grade is advisable to lay 100 mm insulated layer of screening or coarse sand on the top of fine grained soil.

  • (PDF) Wet Mix Macadam Process Vibrant - Academia.edu

    Wet Mix Macadam Plant Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) is a relatively newer concept used for laying the base course, which is placed right before the hot mix asphalt during road construction. The binding materials used for the base in case of WMM are prepared in the plant and then brought to the site for overlaying and rolling.


    Jun 20, 2015· WBM Road Construction Procedure Construction of water bound macadam road involves the following 6 basic steps as given below. Preparation of sub-grade Preparation of sub-base Preparation of base Preparation of wearing course Preparation of shoulders Opening to traffic Step 1 (Construction of Sub-grade) Sub-grade act as a cushion for other layers i.e. In order []

  • Granular Sub-base (GSB)-Specification and construction

    Aug 18, 2020· Granular Sub-base (GSB) consists of laying and compacting well graded material on prepared sub-grade in accordance with the specifications.: GSB layer is intermediate layer in between Sub-grade and Wet mix macadam. GSB layer is laid in roads and higway works due to its properties .

  • Construction & Quality Control of Flexible Pavements

    WMM, 30-60 6-9 WBM Low Quantity per 10 m 2 (Kg) Viscosity at 60 0 C (centistokes) Type of Surface Porosity. TACK COAT Purpose of Tack Coat: control of mixing, laying and rolling temperatures Density, Marshall Stability, Flow, Air Voids, Retained Stability, Bitumen Content, Gradation of

  • Highway Construction HIGHWAY GUIDE

    5.1 Preparation of WMM Base (As per clause 406.3.1): 5.1.a Provision of lateral confinement of aggregates. Proper arrangement shall be made for the lateral confinement of wet mix during laying. This shall be done by laying materials on adjoining shoulder along with that of WMM layer.

  • WMM The Quality Guru

    This work consists of laying and compacting clean, crushed, graded aggregates and granular materials, premixed with water to a dense mass on the prepared sub base. The materials shall be laid in two layers of compacted thickness of 100 mm to the lines, grades and cross section shown in the drawings or directed by the Engineer.

  • Example for Configuring Wireless User Access to a WLAN

    Dec 16, 2020· Default WMM, radio, security, and traffic profiles exist on the device. You can use the default profiles directly but do not need to create new profiles. The default profiles are as follows: WMM profile wmmf with ID 0; Radio profile radiof with ID 0. The default radio profile is already bound to the default WMM profile. Security profile secf

  • construction procedure of wet mix macadam roads

    Construction procedure of wet mix macadam. Wet mix macadam plant wet mix macadam wmm is a relatively newer concept used for laying the base course which is placed right before the hot mix asphalt during road construction the binding materials used for the base in case of wmm are prepared in the p Details; Construction procedure of wmm roads

  • The Capn Magnetic Variation Update Procedure

    5. Save the WMM.dat file in the directory that contains Capn Voyager. Normally this is the C:\Capn Voyager directory. Note that if you still need the old file for N09 work, do NOT use this procedure until after youve completed your N09 work.


    May 23, 2020· Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) Consist Of Laying And Compacting Clean,Crushed Graded Aggregate Granular Material, Premixed With Water To a dense mass on Prepared Sub Grade/Sub base/Base, What is wet mix macadam? What is

  • ASTM D6927 - 15 Standard Test Method for Marshall

    4.1.1 Marshall stability and flow are asphalt mixture characteristics determined from tests of compacted specimens of a specified geometry. The Marshall Test can be conducted with two different types of equipment: (1) Method Ausing a loading frame with a load ring and a dial gauge for deformation or flow meter (Traditional Method) or (2) Method Busing a load-deformation recorder in

  • WMM to replace WBM in road works : 15th dec09 ~ E-Pao

    WMM to replace WBM in road works Source: The Sangai Express Imphal, December 14 2009: For construction and repairing of National Highways up to the stage of laying of bitumen, water bound macadam (WBM) would be replaced by wet mix macadam (WMM) . Although WMM costs more, roads paved with WMM have greater quality. Moreover, black-topping can be done soon after laying WMM

  • Wmm laying - YouTube

    Jun 18, 2016· Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


    CONSTRUCTION OF CEMENT CONCRETE ROAD 1. SUBMITTED BY-RAVI GUPTA B.TECH(CIVIL ENGG.) ROLL NO.- 111000125 2. PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT-AN OVERVIEW Public Works Department (PWD), under the Ministry of Public Works department, is the pioneer in construction arena of Uttar Pradesh.

  • What is the process to lay a blacktop road? - Quora

    In order for blacktop, or asphalt pavement to work, it needs a good structural section, or foundation. This usually consists of several layers, including: subgrade, subbase, base, and the asphalt concrete pavement as a surface or wearing course, w

  • Configuring the Wireless Multimedia (WMM) settings to Video

    Configuring the Wireless Multimedia (WMM) to Video prioritizes the packets for the video access mode. This allows traffic for video streaming applications to get a higher priority. NOTE: These settings should only be configured by advanced users as incorrect settings can reduce wireless performance. Follow the instructions below to learn how to configure the Wireless Multimedia (WMM) settings

  • WMM MIX DESIGN The Quality Guru

    WMM shall consist of laying and compacting clean, crushed, graded aggregate and granular material, premixed with water, to a dense mass on a prepared sub grade/sub-base/base or existing pavement as the case may be in accordance with the requirements of these Specifications.

  • method of construction of wet mix macadam « BINQ Mining

    For construction and repairing of National Highways up to the stage of laying of bound macadam (WBM) would be replaced by wet mix macadam (WMM). In WMM method, stones, binding material and water are mixed proportionately and


    MORTH states that the work shall consist of laying and 75% GSB II-75%WMM.The CBR tests are conducted separately each time for every material. Take the aggregates by 4.5 kg rammer and repeat the procedure for another three layers, then conduct the CBR test.


    Laying & CON TPIA PCMC Compaction Field Dry density Field Rd.12 & MORTH 305 Embankment-Not less than 95% Subgrade & earthen shoulder-Not less than 97% One set of 3 core samples for every 1000m2 of each layer P R/W A ##Under mentioned notes are to be adhered to. Compaction register is to be maintained by the contractor at site.


    Oct 26, 2019· Wet Mix Macadam consist of laying spreading and compacting of clean, crushed, well-graded granular materials on a prepared and approved Granular sub-Base. The material is well mixed with water and rolled to a dense mass.

  • White Matter Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

    White matter disease is the wearing away of tissue in the largest and deepest part of your brain that has a number of causes, including aging. This tissue contains millions of nerve fibers, or

  • Working Memory Model Simply Psychology

    According to the Multi-Store Model, STM holds limited amounts of information for short periods of time with relatively little processing. It is a unitary system. This means it is a single system (or store) without any subsystems. Whereas working memory is a multi-component system (auditory, and visual).

  • All About Wet Mix Macadam- Kaushik Engineering Works

    The WMM process allows constructing road faster than other processes Roads can be ready in no time and can be applied or topped with Bituminous layers soon after the laying process done WMM process saves plenty of water Apart from that, the WMM

  • WMM Method Statement - Civil Knowledge

    Jul 09, 2020· The material for the WMM shall be laid in two equal layers as per technical specification and design. The mix shall be spread by a paver finisher in full width of a pavement including paved shoulder in two operations as per Clause-406.3.4. Maximum care shall be

  • IRC 109: Guidelines for Wet Mix Macadam : Indian Roads

    Notes. This library of books, audio, video, and other materials from and about India is curated and maintained by Public Resource. The purpose of this library is to assist the students and the lifelong learners of India in their pursuit of an education so that they may better their status and their opportunities and to secure for themselves and for others justice, social, economic and political.

  • (PDF) Flexible Pavement Design in India Sanjay Garg

    Over WMM, dense bituminous concrete (DBM) having thickness varying from 135 mm to 190 mm is provided along with bituminous surfacing layer of 50 mm thick Bituminous concrete (BC), both having resilient modulus of 1700 MPa and µ = 0.35.

  • Road construction - SlideShare

    May 18, 2017· 3) The procedure is to compact the soil with different moisture contents and drawing a moisture density curve to find out the maximum dry density and the corresponding moisture content (CMC). 7.4Flakiness and Elongation Indices (IS: 2386, part I): 1) The flakiness of an aggregate is defined as percentage by weight of particles in itwhose least


    May 23, 2020· Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) Consist Of Laying And Compacting Clean,Crushed Graded Aggregate Granular Material, Premixed With Water To a dense mass on Prepared Sub Grade/Sub base/Base, What is wet mix macadam? What is full form of WMM? FUNCTIONS OF WET MIX MACADAM (WMM)

  • Prime Coat And Tack Coat Using Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

    It is an application of low viscous bitumen over a granular base like GSB and WMM, developing it for laying an asphalt mix like dense bituminous macadam on it. The bituminous emulsion material to be used as prime coat shall be such that it can penetrate about ten millimetres deep into the base course.

  • WMM Procedures Industries Materials

    Laying and compaction: W.M.M. material will be laid in layers (150 mm compacted) on prepared sub base using mechanical pavers or motor grader to maintain required thickness and slope and to achieve finished surface in narrow areas, WMM will be spread manually, in layers.

  • Method of laying of BC DBM BM and SDBM for main and

    Sep 09, 2020· The works generally consist of laying, spreading and compacting of Bituminous Bound Macadam (BBM) for the main carriageway on prepared road base (WMM) which primed previously with prime coat and in accordance to the requirement and specification given (Clause 507).


    Description. Brick walls will be built for internal partition & as well as perimeter walls of the building. All brick walls will be constructed by maintaining the verticality of walls and the location of the wall as per the construction issued Architectural drawings / approved shop drawings for brick walls in each floor.

  • Sample Checklist for Inspection of Road works Method

    II/III or WMM) Whether metal aggregates conform to required grading (in case of WBM construction) Grading Requirement for WBM Grading requirement for WMM Does not arise Yes No: Sieve Size: Percent by mass. passing: 53.00 mm: 100: 45.00 mm: 95-100 Not adequately done: 26.50 mm 22.40 mm: 60-80: 11.20 mm

  • WBM Road Its Construction, Maintenance, Advantages

    What are WBM and WMM? The difference between Water Bound Macadam Road and Wet Mix Macadam Road is that in the case of WBM the base is prepared with the help of broken stones and then the surface of the base is bound by the stone dust with the help of moisture. Whereas in the case of WMM, which is also considered as the new method.

  • Blaine's Movie Maker Blog: Installing Windows Movie Maker

    Jan 27, 2013· And I now have Windows Movie Maker 6 back on Windows 8 and all of the features are working thanks to you. But however, with Movie Makers 2.1 and 2.6 most of the features are working on Windows 8, but others are not. On Movie Maker 2.1 I can record from my webcam and make clips and add pictures to the movie,(same as on 2.6.)And save the movie,if

  • Water Servicing and Metering Manual

    This manual provides procedures on how and where to obtain a water meter, fire hydrant permit, water service connection and so on. Included also are guidelines for handling different water servicing scenarios. This manual also describes in detail some of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to the water supply bylaw.

  • Process of laying of DBM/ BC( weather limitations, Rolling

    Mar 04, 2019· WET MIX MACADAM (WMM) sub base /base:- Wet mix macadam (WMM) act as a base course just below the bituminous layer (bitumen base course or surface course). The thickness of a single compacted Wet mix macadam(WMM) layer shall not be less than 75mm.when vibrating or other approved types of compacting equipment are used, the compacted depth of

  • 7 Subgrade Construction - IN.gov

    Design Procedures for Soil Modification or Stabilization. The test results, recommendations, and type A certifications are submitted to the PE/PS and Office of Geotechnical Engineering for approval at least 5 days prior to use. The quantity of chemical modifier may be adjusted for different soil types.

  • Steps in Bituminous Road Construction

    🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteBitumen road construction consists of various steps such as preparation of base course, application of bituminous coat, placement of bituminous mix, rolling and check for quality etc. which are discussed. Contents:Steps in Bituminous Road Construction1. Preparation of the existing base course layer2. Application of Tuck Coat3. Preparation and placing of Premix4. []

  • Bitumen Road Construction Steps in the modern pavement laying

    Apr 06, 2018· Preparation is the first step in the Bitumen Road Construction Steps. It is the cleaning of surfaces from hard rocks, stones holes, dust, and other materials. The uneven surface to fill with 12 mm to 40 mm aggregates. If the uneven surfaces are large coarse aggregates uses for filling. These fillings to make before the laying of the surface

  • Wet Mix Macadam Construction And Quality Control

    Wet Mix Macadam (WMM) work includes laying and compacting clean, crushed, graded aggregate and granular material, premixed with water, to a dense mass on a prepared GSB layer or existing pavement as per the requirement of the project.

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