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Sponge iron plant ppt


    sponge iron went down upto Rs. 8200/- per ton. Such tumbling of prices hits at the economic viability of the sponge iron sector. Sponge iron industry has made several representations to the competent authorities for changes in policy which will help the sponge iron industry to procure iron ore at a regulated / reasonable price.

  • sponge iron process

    Jul 29, 2010· A demonstration sponge iron plant of 30000tpa capacity was set up with liberal assistance from UNIDO, Govt.of India and LURGI. This humble beginning has grown tremendously to 22 million tons of installed capacity today. All the major sponge iron processes like SL/RN, ACCAR, CODIR,TDR,HYL and MIDREX have been adopted successfully with our raw

  • Sponge iron making process - SlideShare

    Nov 09, 2014· Sponge iron making process 1. ALBERTUS SEPTYANTOKO 2712100014 2. IRON ORE Iron = 65-67 % SiO2 + Al2O3 = 2-3 % CaO + MgO = 0,5-1 % Sulphur = 0,02 % max Phosphorus = 0,04 % max Chemical Composition Size

  • MIDREX Processes -

    Plant Engineering Department, Iron Unit Division, Natural Resources & Engineering Business Since 1978, when a plant based on the MIDREX process was built in Qatar for producing direct reduced iron, Kobe Steel and MIDREX Technologies, Inc., have collaborated to make many technical improvements in the process. The largest MIDREX module, having an

  • Sponge Iron Prakash Industries Limited

    Sponge iron is a highly processed form of iron ore which contains metallic iron in the range of 83-88% obtained by direct reduction without melting it. Due to high porosity, the resulting iron is called sponge iron. It is used as a raw material for manufacturing steel


    Bravo Sponge Iron Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 14 February 1997. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 350,000,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 302,891,648.

  • Urgent: Sponge iron Jobs - May 2021 - 353 current

    We are Currently Looking for GM/VP Sponge iron Division for Integrated Steel Plant (Upcoming new generation integrated steel and power manufacturing firm based in Raipur (chhattisgarh) & Odisha locatio India. SID-4 Kilns (2 * 350TPD and 100*2tpd)Power- 80 MW/56 MW. (AFBC &

  • Sponge Iron Iron Steelmaking - Scribd

    Sponge iron is the product created when iron ore is reduced to metallic iron, in the presence of coal, at temperatures below the melting point of iron. The external shape of the ore is retained with 30% reduction in weight due to oxide reduction resulting in change in


    sponge iron, originating from Iron Ore, namely, silica and alumina and the sulphur and phosphorous contents adversely affect the economics in subsequent steel making operation. Therefore, the ore should be high in iron content and low in gangue, Physical Specification Size - 5-20 mm Oversize - < 5 % max


    The low grade iron ore deposit of Pur-Banera Belt of Rajasthan has remained unexploited even though it was explored by Geological Survey of India, way back in the year 1969-70. Af

  • Electrosteel Castings Limited (ECL) Facilities

    It has a 2,40,000 TPA Coke Oven Plant and 2 X 100 TPD Sponge Iron unit. Here, we also have a DI fittings and Accessories plant and one 9MVA Ferro-Alloy producing unit. A 12 + 5 MW Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant is also located here, which generates power using the waste heat of Coke Oven Plant and Sponge Iron Plant. Address. Vill - Kasberia


    1. Krupp Sponge Iron Process The Krupp. Sponge iron process uses a rotary kiln for the reduction of high grade lump ores or pellets (Fig. 1). The feed is introduced together with reducing and de-sulphurizing agents (lime-stone or raw dolomite) into an inclined rotary kiln, heated counter current to the flow of hot gas and reduced to form sponge

  • 25 Safety Guidelines for Iron & Steel Sector

    The Mini Steel Plant/ Processing Units in the iron and steel industry which accounts for about 45 % total finished steel production, is composed of production units which are a diverse lot with widely varying product range, (MBFs), sponge iron, steel produced in electric arc (EAFs) or Induction Furnaces (IFs), 4


    The process of sponge iron making aims to remove the oxygen from iron ore. The quality of sponge iron is primarily ascertained by the percentage of metallization (removal of oxygen), which is the ratio of metallic iron to the total iron present in the product. Sponge iron manufacture is highly sensitive to raw material characteristics.


    Captive Power Plant for utilization of waste gases. The project proponents are well experienced in the integrated steel manufacturing sector as they are running primary steel plant (sponge iron plant) , secondary steel plant ( Induction Furnaces, AOD, Producer Gas Plant , Rolling Mill etc) , several steel rolling mills. They have

  • Direct Reduced Iron and its Production Processes IspatGuru

    Mar 16, 2013· Direct reduced iron (DRI) is the product which is produced by the direct reduction of iron ore or other iron bearing materials in the solid state by using non-coking coal or natural gas. Processes which produce DRI by reduction of iron ore below the melting point of the iron are normally known as the direct reduction (DR) processes.

  • Lubrication of Girth Gears in Sponge Iron Plants

    Oct 03, 2011· The first coal based sponge iron plant was set up at Paloncha in Andhra Pradesh in 1980, which had a capacity of just 0.039 million tones per annum. In the next nine years, five more coal-based were set up and to-day there are 19 coal-based plants in India using various technologies like SL/RN, ACCR, Krupp, Codir, TDR, Jindal etc. the present estimated capacity is nearly 4.5 million

  • Sponge Iron - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    DRI, also known as sponge iron, is the product of reducing iron oxide in the form of iron ore and steel plant wastes into metallic iron, below the melting point of iron and typically in the range of 8001200 °C. Iron oxide is charged into shaft furnace, rotary kiln, or fluidized beds


    1. Krupp Sponge Iron Process The Krupp. Sponge iron process uses a rotary kiln for the reduction of high grade lump ores or pellets (Fig. 1). The feed is introduced together with reducing and de-sulphurizing agents (lime-stone or raw dolomite) into an inclined rotary kiln, heated counter current to the flow of hot gas and reduced to form sponge

  • Satya Power and Ispat Limited, Sponge Iron Plant in

    Satya Power & Ispat Limited (SPIL) is one of the well established and aggressively growing limited company, which has captured a substantial market of Sponge Iron, M.S. Billets and Washed Coal in the Central India within a short span of time. Established in 2003 with a single Kiln of 30,000 MT per year, our current production capacity is 200 TDP.

  • Control of Pollution in the Iron and Steel Industry

    modern, sustainable iron and steel technology within human activity in coexistence with environment on a global scale. 2. Sinter Production: Control of pollution Sinter plants have to fulfill increasing environmental regulations. For this plant manufacturers and operators had to develop new technical solutions for the reduction of pollution.

  • [PDF] FSN Analysis for Inventory Management Case Study

    DOI: 10.22214/IJRASET.2017.2008 Corpus ID: 168741541. FSN Analysis for Inventory Management Case Study of Sponge Iron Plant @article{Kumar2017FSNAF, title={FSN Analysis for Inventory Management Case Study of Sponge Iron Plant}, author={Y. Kumar}, journal={International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology}, year={2017}, volume={5}, pages={53-57} }

  • 4th Indian Iron-Ore, Pellet and DRI Summit 2020

    Mr Deshpande was the former Chairman of The Sponge Iron Manufactures Association (SIMA) from 2015-2019, and the former Managing Director of Tata Sponge Iron Ltd. An Executive Director in Tata Metaliks Ltd. Kolkata and before that a Chief (coke, Sinter and Iron) at Tata Steel, during the expansion phase from 6.8 MTPA to 10 MTPA.

  • A Thesis Submitted for Partial Fulfillment of the Degree

    1.1 Image of a Sponge Iron Granule 2 1.2 Microscopic view of sponge iron 4 3.1 Material Balance in a Rotary Kiln sponge iron plant 14 3.2 Energy Balance in a Rotary Kiln sponge based iron making 14 3.3 Schematic of optimised Rotary kiln sponge iron making process 21 4.1 Industrial view of Sponge Iron making Rotary Kiln 24

  • Rashmi Sponge Iron & Power Industries Private Limited

    rashmi sponge iron & power industries pvt ltd rashmi sponge iron & power industries pvt ltd rashmi sponge iron & power industries pvt ltd. coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon. coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon. contact : 92292-73139, 70242-60801. mail id - [email protected]

  • M/s Bravo Sponge Iron Pvt. Ltd.

    1 Sponge Iron Plant 395 TPD (1x95 + 1x100 + 2x100 TPD) 395 TPD 2 SMS (Induction Furnace) 2 x 15 T 2 x 15 T 600 TPD 3 Rolling Mill - 600 TPD 600 TPD 3 Power Plant 10 MW (4x10TPH WHRB + 1 x 20TPH AFBC) *Balance 8 MW (1X20 TPH AFBC + 12 TPH Steam from existing AFBC) 18 MW Bravo Sponge Iron Pvt. Ltd. is planning for expansion project in their


    Ton per day experimental sponge iron plant, which would form the main guide lines for the designers lof industrial size plants in the near future: I. The effective volume of the Kiln inside the refractory lining should be about 2 cu.f. per ton of sponge iron capacity per

  • Sponge Iron Industry - SlideShare

    Nov 17, 2012· Pollution from the sponge iron industries is the core reason whycommunities rise in arms against this industry. 26 27. Various CSE Reports of 2008 inform us1. In Odisha, women from the Bonai Vana Suraksha Committee marched up to the District Collector with samples of soil, water and grain to protest against sponge iron


    For Value addition NMDC is in the process of developing a 3 mtpa steel plant at Jagdalpur and 2 pellet plants at Donimalai (1.2 mtpa) and at Bacheli (2 mtpa). Besides, NMDC has acquired Sponge Iron India Limited with plan for expansion to produce billets. Besides iron ore, NMDC also plans to


    In this backdrop TRFI took the first step to set up a coal based sponge iron plant in India. The process technology developed by Allis Chalmers Corporation, USA based on pilot plant studies known as ACCAR process was used initially. This process used 80% coal and 20% oil, which subsequently became uneconomical due to increase in crude prices.

  • Sponge Iron Plants in Odisha, India EJAtlas

    Apr 08, 2014· Since 2002, India has been the largest producer of sponge iron, also called direct reduced iron (DRI), in the world. Today about 20 per cent of the sponge iron produced worldwide is made in India(1). Most of it is produced primarily through the coal based method of production. In Orissa only, there are about 108 sponge iron plants(2).

  • H2S Removal for Biogas Project

    Iron Sponge Changeouts Take vessel off line Flood vessel with water Bubble Air through vessel for a day Change out vessels with new media Used Iron Sponge react exothermically with Oxygen. American Biogas Council .americanbiogascouncil PowerPoint Presentation Author:

  • Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Production Plant

    from the DRI production plant) will be reduced by 50 - 100 kg.) 3. Increase in the productivity of blast furnaces The productivity of a blast furnace increased with charging DRI with large metallic iron content to it. (When 100 kg of DRI is used for the production of 1 ton of molten iron, the production of molten iron increases by 10 - 15 %.) 4.

  • Sponge Iron - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

    Direct reduction iron or sponge iron is an old method for producing hydrogen (Milne et al., 2006; Peña et al., 2010; Biljetina and Tarman, 1981) that was replaced by more efficient and economic processes.Recently, the interest in sponge iron as a hydrogen production process has grown again, although the technology still has some major technical and economic challenges to overcome (Milne


    Under the banner of Grewal Associates (P) Limited, the group has set up and operates a Sponge Iron Plant at Matkambeda Odisha with a production capacity of 400 Metric Tonnes of Sponge Iron per day.

  • Best Practices In Energy Efficiency in Sponge Iron

    The plant is equipped with DRI Plant, Coal washery, Power plant, Steel Melting Shop, Oxygen Plant, Rolling Mill, and P.G. Plant etc. which make it fully integrated steel plant having capacity to produce 0.25 MTPA finished product. The major product of Nalwa steel and power limited are Sponge Iron

  • Sponge Iron Manufacturer India

    The Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association (SIMA) established in 1992 is an all India apex body of Indian sponge iron industry. It is the voice of the indian iron ore based sponge iron & steel industry, at both domestic and global forums. As a not-for-profit society, SIMA has been mandated to communicate the viewpoints of its constituents & al

  • SPONGE IRON PLANT by Krishna ventrapragada - Prezi

    Oct 30, 2014· SPONGE IRON PLANT (SIP) SPONGE IRON REFORMER Properties of Sponge Iron Microstructure of Sponge Iron Reactions Apparent density of the final product varies between 1.5-4.5 gm/cm³ and bulk density between 1.5-1.9 tons/m³ .

  • Direct reduced iron - Wikipedia

    Direct reduced iron (DRI), also called sponge iron, is produced from the direct reduction of iron ore (in the form of lumps, pellets, or fines) into iron by a reducing gas or elemental carbon produced from natural gas or coal.Many ores are suitable for direct reduction. Direct reduction refers to solid-state processes which reduce iron oxides to metallic iron at temperatures below the melting

  • Hybrit: worlds first production plant for fossil-free

    Mar 24, 2021· The demonstration plant will be integrated with iron pellet making and is part of LKABs transition plan. The goal is to expand sponge iron production to a full industrial scale of 2.7 million t by 2030 to be able to supply SSAB, among others, with feedstock for fossil-free steel. The choice of Gällivare for establishing of the plant was


    ORISSA SPONGE IRON MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION A/8-Palashpalli,Bhubaneswar-20 SL. NO. PLANT NAME PLANT LOCATION COMMUNICATION ADDRESS MEMBER REPRESENTATIVES MOB_NO. CAPA CITY PHONE FAX E-Mail 20 6 JAIN STEEL & POWER LTD. Vill./Po.-Durluga,Near Helipad, Jharsuguda, Orissa-768204 Vill./Po.-Durluga,Near Helipad, Jharsuguda, Orissa-768204 Sri


    Sponge Iron Plant. As on 31.03.2011, OSIL has the following production facilities at the plant: The main plant consists of a 4 mtr. Dia x 84 mtr. Long ported rotary kin (DR 1) and 4.8 mtr. Dia x 84 mtr.long ported rotary kin (DR 2) equipped with air injection system to provide for generation of necessary heat and reducing atmosphere required

  • Energy Audit Methodology of Sponge Iron Manufacturing

    Jul 14, 2014· Sponge iron produced by this plant is of high grade which contains 80% Fe, 12% FeO and 8% gangue ma-terial. After separation of sponge iron in the magnetic screen/pulley, the remains arecollected as char. Char has good amount of fixed carbon (28 %- 35%) and moderate GCV (2720 - 2780 Kcal/Kg). Char is sold out-

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